We Accelerate Outcomes.

We are the premier New Zealand CIO support consultancy operating across New Zealand with an unbroken record of successful delivery through collaboration, transparency and partnership.

Here’s what we do:


We specialise in the delivery of strategic outcomes underpinned by practical, fit for purpose, implementable approaches supported by our team of subject matter experts.


We are experienced in the delivery of all aspects of the Delivery Life-Cycle and are continually developing supporting processes to ensure our expertise continues to grow with our clients after we successfully deliver.


CORUM proven, strategic outcomes transform an organisation to achieve an end goal with many interconnected opportunities realised and realisable. We underpin this strategy with practical achievable planning and cost efficiency.


CORUM provides key subject matter capability ranging from business analysis to procurement management, to enable our clients to deliver more effectively, more efficiently and with greater confidence.

Providing Sustainable Value

CORUM has a track record delivering successful transformation programs and expertise across the public and private sectors for over 25 years. 

We access decades of prior experience across all major IT disciplines a with practical,  implimentable and sustainable approach. 

Our strategic recommendations are supported by our team of subject matter experts who can deliver to targeted benefits and ensure seamless end-to-end client satisfaction.

With our cross-sector experience consultancy operating throughout New Zealand we reference our delivered capability to accelerate and maximise the value of each and every engagement.

We have great experience with:

  • Local Government


  • Central Government


  • Private Sector


  • Not-for-Profit


“Chris has a unique combination of big-picture perspectives, practical experiences, and a shrewd commercial eye which helped our organisation to deliver significant change within budget. Chris’ input was critical in determining our path forward for operational improvement. He is expert at untangling difficult challenges and manages relationships very well”.

Angus Hartley

Chief Executive, Te Kohanga Reo National Trust

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