Strategic Mentoring & Support

We provide cross-sector CIO skills with proven experience developing and delivering strategic and operational outcomes.

CORUM specialises in the delivery of strategic outcomes underpinned by practical, fit for purpose, implementable approaches

supported by our team of subject matter experts.

Our team of proven CIOs provide an on demand or full time virtualised service delivering expertise, mentoring and support.

Here’s How:


Identifying the right business driven strategy to deliver business outcomes, whilst ensuring cost efficacy.


Assess and build on proven strategy to best fit outcomes utilising our extensive experience with other clients.


Provide guidance of how to best leverage internal capability, assets and relationships to meet clients immediate and future needs.


Mentor and support internal staff to accept and adopt business critical change, developing future focussed skills and capability within your business.


Remove barriers created by lack of knowledge, experience, aging technology, polices or process.


Ensure the integration between the internal system support capability through to outward facing clientis efficiency and utilises a digital footprint.


Accelerate ongoing IT strategy and support development to ensure technology options  are delivered to meet current and future business needs.


Provide underlying project management skills to ensure activities planned are effectively managed to budget and outcomes.

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I have found the work undertaken by Chris to be of the highest quality. His timely responses to requests have been very valuable in delivering functional cost effective solutions. He has documented those solutions clearly and concisely. Chris has also utilised other CORUM staff to assist when required.

I would have no hesitation in recommending CORUM and Chris Corke.

Grant Coppersmith

Finance and Operations Manager, Motu Economic and Public Policy Research

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